Co-Founder + Designer

California - USA


I was five years old when I started hand sewing. My first project was a small purse that I made for my grandmother so that she could carry her treasures with her. She kept that purse safe for many years. Since her passing last year, I have re-inherited that keepsake, and it now lives in my bag, accompanying me throughout my days. Having a piece of her with me serves as a daily reminder of the memories we shared.

As I got older, I kept crafting, constantly inspired by others’ unique creations. This passion was catalyzed by my journey into motherhood, where I found joy in building things for my littles in my spare time.

This love of creating, crafting and building has always lived inside of me, but came secondary to my incredible career as an IT engineer. I have always wanted to pursue my creative calling, and now thanks to a very special partnership with my beautiful cousin, Taryn, that dream has become a reality.

Ezra Zayn - Little Human Wears -  is an idea that I have carried with me for a while. Growing up, my life wasn’t that easy. There were many times during my childhood when I felt lost and alone, unsure of how to navigate my experiences. This journey ignited a desire to create simple, but powerful products which would empower children. I know from first hand experience that what can seem insignificant and frivolous to adults can mean the world to children.

Being a mother has taught me to be more kind, gentle and strong. I’ve learned that the simplest way to teach these ideals to children, is by modeling them. Children learn by watching us and absorbing what they see into their little hearts. I hope that by pursuing what I love, I am showing my boys the joy of being their true selves and accepting other people’s truths. My hope is that Ezra Zayn’s messages of self-belief, magic and bravery will inspire children to be their best selves for our future generations.

Love, Ayako